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Abû Bakr Al-Siddîq was the first caliph (ruler) of the Muslims after the death of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Before Abu Bakar’s death when Umar was selected as the next ruler, Abu Bakar called Umar and gave him the following advice. He said:


Practical and spiritual steps based on Quran, Hadith, and Common Sense to overcome feelings of sadness and unhappiness

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We all experience feeling of sadness and go through challenges during different parts of our lives. For some, feelings of sadness and gloom are not as common, but others may experience it more frequently. Depending on their severity, feelings of sadness can impact the day to day functioning of our…

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All of us want happiness. Amidst the busyness and daily stresses of our lives, we strive to find happiness, peace, and calm. But sometimes it can be difficult to find. However, it’s there. We just need to look more closely.

It’s not that difficult considering that Allah has told us…

Let’s ponder on the attached Quran verse attached below about seeking Allah’s refuge from Satan.

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If we think about it, Satan plays with both our hearts and minds constantly. Here are just a few examples:

  • We ignore Allah’s commands and fall into sinful acts,
  • we compromise on our values to…

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Allah is the “Rabb-ul-Alameen” (Lord and Guardian of the Worlds). As Muslims, we not only believe in this fact but we are to love Allah more than anything else. Accordingly, we also long and wish to meet Allah after this life such that He is happy and satisfied with us.

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Why is it important to have ‘Tawakkul’ in Allah? Tawakkul (trust in Allah) enables us to handle the complexity of our lives and provides us with the spiritual energy needed to ward off the onslaught of the challenges and problems resulting from those complexities.

If you haven’t noticed, our lives…

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Islam is against all forms of racism, bigotry, and injustice. We learn this both from the words of Allah mentioned in the Quran and in the messages of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The following are some of those messages.

Quran Verses on Injustice

  • “O mankind, indeed we…

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Allah has granted us life and we all have a duty to protect ourselves from harm in a manner that Allah has commanded us.

We also have a duty to do what we can to protect those who we are responsible for from our families, friends, and neighbors.

Wherever and…

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Madain Saleh (translated as Cities of [Prophet] Saleh and also known as cities of Al-Hijr in the Quran) is a collection of small sites located in North Western Saudi-Arabia near the town of Al-Ula. These sites were inhabited by the Nabataean civilization and the people of Thamud around 6 BC…

Khushoo is about being mentally present in one’s prayers. It’s about knowing what we are reciting from the Quran and engaging our hearts with Allah when saying Allah’s remembrances and Azkar in salat and our prayers.

It’s about having our hearts and minds focused towards Allah when we are in…


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